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Why should I get certified? What does it mean?

Getting P.L.A.Y. Certified means that you take fitness, health, movement, and PLAY seriously. You believe that EVERY body deserves the opportunity to play his/her way to fitness, health, and happiness – and that this happiness comes from ENJOYING and EMBRACING every minute of every day. It means that YOU are ready to make a difference through the promotion of healthy lifestyles, smart choices, and moving, working, and laughing through the entire journey! Whether you promote positive lifestyles through recreation, education, sports, fitness, or family and friends - getting certified in physical fitness, physical education, and physical activity and recreation can provide opportunities and open doors for YOUR success!  

Divine Your Destiny:

Health Clubs:

Certification in Physical Fitness can open doors as a Personal Trainer or a Group Exercise Instructor at health clubs everywhere! Get PLAY certified to start turn-key kids’ fitness and activity programs. To hold a certification workout at YOUR club, call 888-609-1119.


Organize games and activities for recreation of ALL kinds. Get Certified in Physical Activity and Recreation to equip yourself with all the tools you need for providing fun, exciting, TEAM-BUILDING games and activities for PLAYers of ALL AGES! Great for business conferences, camps, and activity directors of ANY kind!!

After School Programs:

Purposeful Learning for Active Youth says it all! Add purpose, direction, skill-development, teamwork, strategy, fitness education, and FUN by getting P.L.A.Y. Certified!

Church Groups:

Get certified as in Physical Activity and Recreation and go beyond traditional game-playing. It is especially imperative for church groups to play with the Principles of Positive Play – such as the Snapshot Rule, the No Fear Rule, and the Elimination of Elimination Rule. Learn how to play and promote POSITIVE game playing by signing up now!

Physical Educator:

The perfect solution for teachers everywhere! Finally – a program and certification that gets to the point and provides essential knowledge for teaching QUALITY physical education TO the STANDARDS – with no fuss! Your certification provides UNPACKED and ready-to-teach standards with activities for grades K-8. Instead of another day of free play or grueling calisthenics and running, you can provide fitness-based, fun-for-all, standards-driven lessons EVERY DAY!! Perfect for staff development on-site or ONLINE! If your school provides BUY-BACK days, ask about our ONLINE Certification as an Independent Study Course!

Physical Education Coach / Independent Contractor:

Elementary schools everywhere are struggling to provide a quality physical education experience for their students. Provide the solution as an independent contractor for Physical Education. No degree? Oftentimes schools hire “specialists” in the field to come in and provide instruction. Your P.L.A.Y. Certification demonstrates specific knowledge in Physical Education, Physical Fitness, and Physical Activity and Recreation. With Tandalay Curriculum and My P.E. Score in your toolbox you are ready to WOW any school or district with your knowledge and expertise! Our Physical Education Certification will equip you to teach to the standards, Tandalay Curriculum will provide you with TONS of fun, ready-to-play lesson plans, and will allow you to formulate and print reports for teachers, parents, and administrators. 


(Entrepreneur P.L.A.Y.’r) As a P.L.A.Y. entrepreneur YOU become a representative of PLAY - everything that is fun and wonderful about health, fitness, and movement! Once you have achieved your PLAY Certification and demonstrated excellence in all areas of the certifications (projects, practical, and quizzes), you become eligible! Ready for a JOB you actually ENJOY? SHARE the Power of Positive PLAY with organizations and individuals in your area, while reaping financial benefits!


As a P.L.A.Y. Certified Instructor, you can begin leading, marketing, and promoting YOUR own CAMPS! Use our turn-key programs - complete with custom, downloadable, informational brochures, camp structure recommendations, warm-ups, drills, games, and cool-downs – everything you need to start YOUR very own business! (coming soon!)

How it works

P.L.A.Y. Certification Courses: Tandalay Online Certification includes Physical Activity and Recreation Certification, Physical Fitness Certification, and Physical Education Certification. After all three courses are complete you will receive your P.L.A.Y. Certification (Purposeful Learning for Active Youth...of all ages), which can open a whole realm of possibilities.

Physical Education

This course is designed to help physical education and classroom teachers, camp leaders, activity directors, recreation leaders, and anyone working and playing with children and youth to understand developmental progression, and appropriate movement focus and expectations for each grade level. We will learn how to “unpack” standards, create activities and assessments based on standards, and teach standards-based movements and concepts.

This course is essential for practical understanding of the various age groups and how to design programs appropriate for each. Learn how kids progress and develop from individual learners to partners to groups. Learn how to adjust your expectations and lessons for maximum success with every activity. Learn what age is best to introduce competition and game strategies. Learn why standards are important and how they can make physical education fun and rewarding for ALL.

Physical Fitness

Childhood, youth, and adult fitness are a national priority. We are suffering an obesity epidemic due to inactivity and poor nutritional habits. This course focuses on fitness for all ages. learn the components of fitness, and FITT principles for each. Learn how to test and assess current fitness levels, and how to design an appropriate workout program based on the interpretation of the results.

Hands-on training will be provided for various types of workout styles, including group exercise, cardiovascular fitness routines, circuit training workouts, quick-hitter fitness blasts, and more. This course will prepare you for teaching physical education classes, group exercise classes at a health club or other organization, designing workouts for individuals or groups, even creating your own effective workouts!

While this course is a must for fitness instructors and personal trainers, PE and classroom teachers will benefit from this class by learning how to keep the brain stimulated through quick-hitter fitness activities, bring up those fitness testing scores, and create more energetic kids who are able to focus and learn for improved academic test scores!

Physical Activity and Recreation

This certification course is designed for leading action games and activities for any age! Whether you work with youth or adults at church, at school, in the neighborhood, afterschool club, or summer camp – or if you are looking for some fun team-building activities for your business retreat or office picnic - this is the session for you! We will play a TON of fun games, learn how to manage large and small groups, practice hands-on strategies for keeping things moving, and study the philosophy and principles of game selection, design, and implementation.

This course is highly recommended for physical education teachers and classroom teachers who lead their own PE lessons. If you have ever wondered if PE could actually be FUN, then wonder no more. After this course PE will be your absolute most favorite time of day – without needing to spend an extra minute in prep!!!

You will learn hands-on teaching strategies for managing groups of all sizes and study the 2008 Guidelines for Healthy Americans and learn how much and what kind of activities we need to do to reap the health benefits of physical activity. How many minutes? How hard do I need to work? What are the benefits? Does it really make a difference? Take this course to find out.

How it works

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How it works

1. Once you have signed up for an account and signed up for a course(s) you are given all the course material/resources you will need for that course(s). When you enter the course, you will see an outline of resources, quizzes, and offline projects. Click on each to view and complete.

2. Upon completion of all course material, you will gain access to the certificate of completion associated with that course. You can access your certificate at the bottom of the course outline. You certificate will be available for download.

3. After completing all 3 courses, you will be given access to the P.L.A.Y. Certified Certificate, which you can access from the certification homepage.

4. Once you have received your P.L.A.Y. Certified Certification you will have access to a whole new realm of possibilities.

How it works

1. Sign up for an account. It takes just minutes. An email will be sent to the email you will provide to verify your email address. Click on the link within the email.

2. Take a look around the site, get comfortable, check out each of the course descriptions, and update your profile. There are no obligations and it is free to sign up.

3. Begin a course. You may start with any of the three available courses or sign up for all three at the same time. Pay the course fee and begin the courses.

4. If you need help, contact us or take a look at the tutorial video or our user guide.